At Jupiter Industries it is all about a Healthy, Safe, Firm sleep environment for baby.

Jupiter is the only Canadian based manufacturer of crib mattresses. All of our mattresses are made right here at our facility in Toronto from components sourced exclusively in North America.

For over 30 years we have been the industry leader in innovative sleep technology. In 2001 we were the first manufacturer to make a mattress without a vinyl cover that was free from lead and Phthalates. This was long before toxic chemicals and off gassing became a widespread concern where parents started looking for mattresses made with safer, natural and organic materials.

Safety and Comfort have always been the cornerstones of our product development. Jupiter’s mattresses give mom Healthier and Safer sleep options for baby’s nursery. Our lineup includes Organics, Naturals, and Cutting Edge Fabrics designed for a more restful sleep.

For over a decade Jupiter has also been the exclusive Canadian licensee for Simmons branded crib mattresses bringing to your baby’s nursery the quality assurance offered by this world leader in sleep systems.