Having a baby changed my life. My first born Xavier, was a particularly unsettled baby and did not sleep much even after we went to Sleep School. Nothing seemed to work. Desperate to help us all get a better nights sleep, I got out my sewing machine and made him the very first ergoPouch sleeping bag. It worked. He could move around the cot without getting tangled and the bag kept him snug and sleeping peacefully all night.

My second baby Alex, loved being wrapped, but was definitely a houdini. He would wriggle out of his swaddle and wake himself up on a regular basis, so the sewing machine came out once again. I developed the ergoCocoon swaddle as a way of keeping him securely wrapped without the need for an origami lesson.

Now my boys are older, I love hearing from others who have been helped on their way to a good nights sleep by using our products.