About Us

Welcome to TJ’s The Kiddie Store, a journey of growth, innovation, and commitment that began in 1978. What started as a humble service shop and second-hand baby gear store in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, has blossomed into a legacy of excellence in providing a wide range of products and services tailored to the needs of newborns to 5-year-olds. Over the years, we have nurtured our values, embraced innovation, and built lasting relationships, becoming a trusted destination for families and individuals seeking quality and excellence.

一站式服务,TJsKids 满足您和宝宝的一切需求

TjsKids 创立于1978年,是著名的加拿大本土家族企业。我们从创业之初就致力于向顾客提供高端品质的婴儿用品。我们代理和销售超过400个儿童品牌,及超过10,000种的母婴产品供您选择。





Our Evolution Through the Years

1978: Pioneering Beginnings in Surrey, BC, Canada

Our story begins in 1978 when we opened our first store in Surrey, BC. From the very start, we were committed to more than just transactions — we were dedicated to serving our community. Our doors opened as a service shop, catering to the needs of parents with second-hand baby gear. This was more than just a business; it was a heartfelt endeavor to support families on their journey. Little did we know that these pioneering steps would set the stage for our enduring commitment to delivering superior products and services that catered to the needs of newborns and toddlers.


1988: A Decade of Growth and Expansion

A decade later, in 1988, we celebrated a significant milestone: a decade of devoted service. We expanded our customer base by inaugurating our second store in Victoria, BC. This expansion was not just a physical move but a testament to our enduring commitment to providing excellence to diverse communities.


1994: Extending Our Reach to Kelowna, BC

In 1994, we took a stride toward broadening our presence by opening a new location in Kelowna, BC. This expansion allowed us to better serve this vibrant community and exemplified our commitment to delivering quality products where they are needed most.


1995: Pioneering Online Commerce

1995 marked a revolutionary year for us. With the launch of the tjskids.com website, we revolutionized the way parents shopped for maternal and baby products. As one of Canada's inaugural online stores in this domain, we empowered parents with convenience and expertise, showcasing our dedication to making life easier for families.


1998: Embracing the Digital Frontier

1998 brought with it a transformative leap as we ventured further into the digital realm. The launch of our e-commerce website marked our foray into online commerce, making it more convenient for customers worldwide to access our premium products and services. We were proud to pioneer the digital shopping experience, demonstrating our responsiveness to evolving consumer preferences.


2001: Expanding Horizons in Vancouver, BC

In 2001, our journey of expansion led us to Vancouver, BC. The opening of two stores, one in Kitsilano and another flagship store on Marine Drive, underscored our commitment to serving Vancouver's diverse neighborhoods. With a combined business area of 3000 square meters, these spaces became hubs for quality, expertise, and enriching shopping experiences.


2008: Global Reach and Diversification

The year 2008 marked our stride into the international arena. Recognizing the value of the global landscape, we extended our reach by offering products and services on prominent Chinese online platforms. This diversification showcased our adaptability and our commitment to meeting the needs of a worldwide audience.


2016: Conquering International Frontiers

In 2016, our aspirations went global as we successfully launched TJ's Tmall. This strategic move unlocked the potential of international markets, particularly in Asia. By establishing our presence on this renowned platform, we affirmed our dedication to quality, trust, and accessibility on a global scale.