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Rattles and teethers are popular baby toys that help to stimulate a child’s senses, encourage development, and soothe sore gums. Rattles help to develop a baby’s hearing and vision, as well as their hand-eye coordination. Teethers can help to soothe a baby’s sore gums as they begin to teeth. Many teethers have textured surfaces to help massage sore gums, as well as bright colors and shapes to stimulate vision and mental development. Both rattles and teethers are typically made of soft, safe materials and are easy for a baby to hold.


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  1. 努比 Nuby
  2. Tasty Tie
  3. Tasty Tie
  4. Tasty Tie
  5. 曼哈顿 Manhattan Toy
    Tiger Winkel
    CA$ 19.99
  6. 曼哈顿 Manhattan Toy
    Comet Teether
    CA$ 19.99
  7. Little Cheeks
  8. Little Cheeks
  9. Done by Deer
    To Go Friend - Wally Blue
    特殊价格 CA$ 21.59 常规价格 CA$ 35.99
  10. Done by Deer
    To Go Friend - Jelly Powder
    特殊价格 CA$ 15.59 常规价格 CA$ 25.99
  11. Jellycat

项目 116178