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Limit their range of action without limiting their fun. Create a safe area for your child to play in by acquiring a playmat, playard or foam tiles. A playmat offers a variety of visuals, sounds and textures.
They're perfect for tummy time, which helps babies strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles, develop motor skills and prevent getting a flat head. A Playard is designed to enclose and limit a certain area so your baby can play safely. Foam tiles are cushioned mats that can usually be configured into attractive patterns due to their interlocking design. Creating a safe, yet beautiful area to play in.

爬行垫 &游戏围栏

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  1. taf Toys
    Urban Garden Foam Mat
    特殊价格 CA$ 67.99 常规价格 CA$ 79.99
  2. taf Toys
    Savannah Super-Size Foam Playmat
    特殊价格 CA$ 67.99 常规价格 CA$ 79.99
  3. 博格步 Bugaboo
  4. Safety 1st
    Playard - Amherst (Exclusive Online Product)
    特殊价格 CA$ 169.99 常规价格 CA$ 199.99
  5. Tiny Love
    Boho Chic Super Mat (Special Order Only)
    特殊价格 CA$ 84.99 常规价格 CA$ 99.99
  6. Baby Einstein
    Opus’s Ocean of Discover Tummy Time Water Mat
    特殊价格 CA$ 24.64 常规价格 CA$ 28.99
  7. Little Big Friends
  8. 迈可适 Maxi Cosi
  9. UPPABaby
    Remi Travel Bag
    Available on
    CA$ 119.99
  10. UPPABaby
    Remi Organic Mattress Cover
    Available on
    CA$ 84.99
  11. UPPABaby
    Remi Waterproof Mattress Cover
    Available on
    CA$ 54.99
  12. UPPABaby
    Remi Changing Station Organizer
    Available on
    CA$ 49.99
  13. UPPABaby
    Remi Canopy
    Available on
    CA$ 84.99
  14. UPPABaby
    Remi Changing Station - Stella
    Available on
    CA$ 79.99

项目 116100