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A baby monitor is a radio system designed to remotely listen to the sounds or view what your infant is doing. They consist of a transmitter (baby unit), equipped with a microphone and sometimes even a camera, depending on the model, and a receiver (parent unit). Nowadays, they are usually digital units for better sound/image quality and to avoid cross communication amongst different units to increase privacy.


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  1. Owlet
    Smart Sock 3 Extended Fabric Sock Pack
    特殊价格 CA$ 98.99 常规价格 CA$ 99.99
  2. 飞利浦 Philips
  3. Owlet
    Cam Monitor
    CA$ 198.99
  4. 摩托罗拉 Motorola
    Smart Nursery Dream Machine
    特殊价格 CA$ 89.97 常规价格 CA$ 109.99
  5. ItzBeen
    Pocket Nanny Time - Pink
    特殊价格 CA$ 16.97 常规价格 CA$ 39.95
  6. ItzBeen
    Pocket Nanny Time - Green
    特殊价格 CA$ 16.97 常规价格 CA$ 39.95
  7. ItzBeen
    Pocket Nanny Time - Blue
    特殊价格 CA$ 16.97 常规价格 CA$ 39.95
  8. 新安怡
  9. Safety 1st

项目 11622