Taperly Rest Guard Deluxe Twin Bed Mattress Cover

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Taperly Rest Guard Deluxe Twin Bed Mattress Cover With Bed Bug Protection 9 inch Depth


  • The Rest-Guard Deluxe fully enclosed covers are manufactured from a unique fabric called a fluff fabric, which are made of a 100% high quality cotton blend.
  • These covers have no seams, pockets or folds for bedbugs to hide in and lay their eggs, and are specifically designed to block out all allergens, and most other particles as small as cat dander, unlike sheets, they encase and protect the entire mattress and zip up tightly.
  • Used beneath your regular bedding, our fully enclosed mattress covers will not only silently and invisibly protect against all allergens, but any soiling or liquid spills that might occur on the mattress through regular use as well.

Brand Taperly Collection
Barcode 676470141095
MPN H14109
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