SnoozyPod Vibrating Bedtime Soother

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The HALO SnoozyPod vibrating, all-in-one bedtime soother is the first device to combine sounds and lights with vibration to gently lull infants and toddlers to their best sleep.

  • Designed to fit most cribs, toddler and bunk beds, the SnoozyPods calming vibration, soothing nature and womb white noise sounds and starry-night projection light create the perfect environment to help your child fall and stay asleep.
  • 2 levels of soothing vibration radiates throughout the mattress to calm babies and children to sleep.
  • The starry-night projection uses a soft red LED light because research shows red light does not interrupt our bodys circadian rhythm.
  • Calming starry night ceiling projection with red LED light to provide enough light to see without causing wakefulness.
  • SnoozyPod is blue tooth enabled for iOS and Android, so caretakers can activate the functions from anywhere in the home, without encouraging wakefulness by entering their room.
  • The soothing womb (heartbeat) and nature sounds (ocean and stream) can be played for 30-minutes, or set to play all night long to help quiet household noises that may disrupt sleep.
  • An AC adaptor allows continuous use, with back up battery option convenient for traveling or power outages.
  • The SnoozyPod fits snuggly under the mattress leaving a safe, flat, firm surface for your child to comfortably sleep.
  • Designed to make the transition from crib to toddler and twin beds. Fits slotted and spring bed frames. Not intended to be used with a box spring.
  • Dimensions: 13 x 5 x 9 inches

Brand Halo
Barcode 818771038708
MPN SA3870
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