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Vulli Sophie La Girafe The Giraffe Teether 616400



Product #: 10067035
Brand: Vulli
UPC: 3056566164004
SKU: TOSLG616400

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by Will Iam

Date Added: 03/25/2016
Bought this product end of November 2015 when our baby was about 3 months old and she has been using it every now and then as of December 2015. About 1 month ago we noticed some cracks in the neck of the giraffe and those cracks got bigger in a few weeks time and now it shows a few real openings and we decided it's no longer safe for our baby to chew on it. Basically we have been using it for about 3 months and now we have to throw it away. Not clear what caused these cracks/openings, our baby doesn't have teeth coming through yet so she has only been chewing on it with the gums. We expected this product to last longer than this especially when we look at what we paid for it ($ 25.99). Called the 1-800-755-4857 number that was on the receipt and got a negative answer on the question if there is any warranty on this product, we're disappointed about this answer, it's not that we deliberately damaged the product, it has been used by a baby as it's supposed to be used and then after 3 months we can throw it away. Not happy with the "service" from TJ Kiddies, that's for sure.

by Julia Bradley

Date Added: 05/31/2011
It's worth it! My daughter wasn't too interested in Sophie until she started teething, then it was the best thing going. She has now figured out how to make it squeak, so she has so much fun with it now.

by Jennifer Simmons

Date Added: 04/12/2011
Spend the money. This thing was my son't favorite toy. I have no idea why, but he loves it.

by scott sharp

Date Added: 01/14/2010
My son also really enjoyed chewing on this toy. He started at about 3 months and didn't stop till he was a year. It was easy for him to hold and provided many part to chew on. He did manage to gag himself a couple times on the long legs, but he is a pro at that sort of thing. I think he found the rubbery texture and sound quite satisfying when he was chewing. It is a safe natural toy too, which is a plus.

by jansen blackstock

Date Added: 09/18/2009
Sophie was an unexpected delight. From squeaking to chewing, my son did not want to put this one down for quite some time. It is so safe for a child and also so delightful, they must have broken the mold with this toy. My friends mother told me she had a 'Sophie' for her kids and it was their favorite toy twenty years ago. P.S. If you are fed up with the squeaker, one time through the dishwasher will silence this little toy.

by Jennifer Matsubara

Date Added: 09/18/2009
My son loves his Sophie. He was a very early teether and would just chew and chew and chew on her. He loved the squeeky noise she would make and I felt secure in the fact that she is safe . I was unsure about the cost at first but well worth the $20.00. I just bought one for my cousin for a shower gift.