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Tiny Love Sweet Island Dream Mobile 460



Product #: 10018156
Brand: Tiny Love
UPC: 735259003761
SKU: DC00460

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by Roxanne Ripley

Date Added: 08/12/2009
My son is just 2 weeks old and we lay him in the crib to watch the mobile and he settles immediately. His eyes follow to the toys around and the music totally calms him. He loves it! Is so neat all the info that comes with it about their vision and brain development. This mobile will really help stimulate his brain and encourage development. I would highly reccomend it!

by Anita Andersen

Date Added: 08/04/2009
I just picked up this mobile and my daughter loves it!! I have been trying to switch her from the bassinet to the crib and it has been very difficult. My friend told me to get a crib mobile that has sounds and lights so I picked up this one. She has fallen asleep in her crib several time now and loves to be in there even just to play. I like the fact that it turns off automatically and if it stops and she is still awake I have the remote to start it again. So I would recommend this mobile!!