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Razbaby Teether Blue



Product #: 10016830
Brand: Razbaby
UPC: 857371000326

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by Alana McKenna

Date Added: 09/04/2009
I didn\'t buy this for my first child and I wish I had. I love that the baby can chew on any part of it, and it\'s small enough for him to manipulate by himself. The only problem is it\'s a little small, so it can get lost easily, but that is what makes it to easy for him to use, so it\'s still worth it.

by Alejandra Rodriguez Garmendia

Date Added: 08/31/2009
My baby start teething very young (4 1/2 months), that's when I bought this product. Back then he didn't like it too much, mainly because it was too big for his little mouth. Now that he is older he loves really enjoys it. I have it in the fridge so it's cold.

by Vanessa Neil

Date Added: 08/19/2009
A friend told me about this teether and that her little guy loved it. After trying almost every other teether out there i thought i would give it a go. It was a hit righ away. The smaller handle is perfect for my 6 month old to grip by himself and i like how all the rubber is really soft and flexible. He started chomping on it and the best part is is that when you put it in the freezer it doesn't get rock hard like other teethers. A definite must have for your teething child!

by agnes lee

Date Added: 07/20/2009
Great teether option. We have lots of different teething rings and such but baby likes this one the most. It doesn\'t have sharp edges like some of the water-filled teethers out there, but has several different textures to soothe sore gums and baby seems to like it a lot :)