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Oops Instant Multi Purpose Stain Remover BO011

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  • Brand: Oops!
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  • Barcode: 840698000155
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  • MPN: DGBO011

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Oops contains a unique formula that eliminates food, coffee and wine stains. It eliminates even the toughest stains such as grease, oil, blood, non permanent ink and lipstick!

Oops is not a laundry stain remover. After each use, just rinse the treated part with clear water and wipe with a dry cloth.

Product Features

  • Instantly removes coffee, food and wine stains
  • Advanced formula; also removes grease, blood and ink stains
  • Works perfectly on most fabrics

Directions for Use

Important: Always test Oops on area that does not show. Let dry and verify color stability.
  • Place clean paper towel under the stain
  • Pull the top cap brush to open
  • Apply Oops generously on the stain
  • Close the bottle
  • Let stand for 60 seconds
  • Using the cap, brush delicately over the stain until it disappears
  • Repeat steps 1 to 6 if necessary
  • Rinse with clear water and wipe with dry cloth
Hints: For better results, treat stain while it is still fresh. Certain stains like rust, dried paint, permanent ink, or bleach damage may be impossible to remove by any stain remover. Some type of stains might leave a ring after the treatment; it will dissolve in the laundry.

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