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Munchkin Safety Bath Ducky Yellow 31001



Product #: 10010165
Brand: Munchkin
UPC: 735282310010
SKU: TO31001

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by Mischa Simpson

Date Added: 01/03/2010
I actually used this most when I was pregnant. I like HOT baths but my midwife said it wasn`t safe for the baby. By using the ducky I knew if my bath was to hot for the bub in my belly, now I know what tempurature and my son likes to play/gum the ducky.

by Karina Gibson

Date Added: 07/16/2009
As with any product, I've noticed, that has a "HOT" sensor on it, it is too sensitive and says it's hot when it still feels quite cold! I love this toy though, because unlike most rubber ducks, there is no hole in it to get water in. My daughter loves the duck and likes to chew on the beak, but her old one was a water squirting type and it got mildew/mold in it quite quickly and was impossible to clean so we had to throw it out! Love this duck :) Just don't rely on the heat sensor -- you could be giving some cold baths!