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Medela Freestyle Breastpump 27260



Product #: 10018002
Brand: Medela
UPC: 020451272603
SKU: BF27260

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by Linda Speck

Date Added: 11/21/2013
I bought this pump originally because I knew I was going to need one to make sure my milk supply remained plentiful for my twins. I ended up pumping exclusively for them, and have been for almost a year now. I haven't had experience with other pumps, but this one to me is the best!.. I love the convenience of the handsfree system. If you have nursing bras it's quite simply to use, I've never had any problems with it, I also love that it has the belt, makes it easy to pump and make dinner, or any other chores that need to be done. And as noted earlier, DO NOT put the breast shields in the dishwasher (I melted the originals, and had to purchase new ones). I give this pump 5 stars, and if you have the extra cash I highly recommend purchasing the medela freestyle.

by Rachel Lammers

Date Added: 10/09/2010
This is probably the best pump you can buy. I found it worked great. I was impressed by how long the unit held a charge (several days). It was very portable. I had to buy extra breastshields though, as mine warped a bit with washing (you cannot put the breastshields in the dishwasher) and one shield got punctured. I also had to buy extra bottles. The handsfree option was complicated, and I never used it as I used a "pumpease" (google it) pumping bra which was far superior and easier to use than the handsfree mechanism this pump came with. I had problems with milk supply, and so I used this pump daily for almost a year - it continued to work great the whole time, and I will hopefully be able to use it for any other children I might have. Im very glad I bought this product, despite the price.

by Mike Gismondi

Date Added: 10/01/2009
My wife found this pump to be very good. It's compact and longlasting. It performed much better than the loaner we had from the public health nurse and we especially liked the travel cooler bag!

by Angela Griffin

Date Added: 09/28/2009
I love this pump! It was efficient and compact, a nice change from other pumps I tried. Although it is expensive, it's worth the money to have a pump with a memory feature! On the downside, the hands-free thing didn't work for me, it was awkward and not worth the time it took to hook it up. It was not the quietest pump I have tried. Overall a good buy!

by Lisa Johnson

Date Added: 08/31/2009
I used the Medela Freestyle for about 8 months, in combination with breastfeeding. Awesome product, I have no regrets about this purchase. Best features: _ Very effective expression of milk.I never had to spend more than 10 minutes pumping if I didn\'t want to. _ Two-side pumping. I could pump both sides at once or one at a time, depending on how hands-free I wanted to be. _ Memory setting. I liked that I could just record my settings so I didn\'t have to adjust the pump strength manually each time. _ Long-lasting battery. I didn\'t feel like I needed to recharge every day, which was a bonus when travelling. _ Compact and easy to transport. I didn\'t feel like I was lugging around a suitcase of gear when I needed to travel. Worst features: _ Hands-free fiasco. I didn\'t love the hands-free kit that came with the pump - felt like a bit of a robot walking around with the pump strapped on - so most of the time, I just held the pump in place.