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Kushies Pull On Water Resistant Training Pant Blue 1600-09

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  • Brand: Kushies
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  • UPC: 064408080033
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  • MPN: DGD1600
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Kushies premium style water resistant training pants promote faster toilet training as the 100% cotton flannel inner layer allows your child to feel the sensation of wetness while reducing the risk of rashing

  • An economical and environmentally friendly alternative to disposables
  • This training pant is made of soft PUL fabric on the outside and premium 100% cotton flannel on the inside
  • Soft, covered elastic at waist and legs mimic a regular underwear while the interior double layer soaker provides extra absorbency against accidents
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  • Small (22-29 lbs): 064408080033
  • Medium (29-33 lbs): 064408080095
  • Large (33-38 lbs): 064408080156

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