Jupiter Thermo Rest Cool Crib Mattress Cover BE16875

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Jupiter's research and development are focused only on the category of crib mattresses and to that end they have engineered a new lineup of crib mattresses that resonate with all of the relevant issues that new parents are concerned with. The new Health & Wellness lineup is the result of this commitment.


  • Patents thermo-regulating mattress protector absorbs and stores energy when baby's temperature rises and releases it as heat when baby cools down
  • Dust mite and allergy resistant
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • No VOC's, off-gasing, PVC
  • Machine wash in warm water and low tumble dry

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Submited By: Rebecca Leung on 12/17/2013

I bought this thermo mattress cover when my son was six months old. I used it for my waterproof crib mattress. I like it. My son used to sweat a lot when just using the bed sheet due to the non-breath-
ability of the waterproof mattress. After using this cover, the situation improved. But still sweat a bit on his side touching the bed. In terms of the temperatur-
e balancing, I think it helps a little. I slept on it for a nap. It's quite comfy. But in terms of quality, the elastic at the corner was tear off when I used it the first time. I read online that other ppl find the same.

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