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ItzBeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Time Green 017 CLEARANCE

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Our award-winning Itzbeen Pocket Nanny is an on-the-go device that helps sleep deprived parents remember baby care details. It is as simple as pressing a button once after each diaper change, nursing or feeding, sleep or awake time, medication or other task - then watch our patented one-touch timers count up, letting mom know how long 'itzbeen' since completing baby care tasks. It is an easy way to communicate babys needs with grandparents, sitters and daycare providers.

  • Clever, multi-purpose baby care timer
  • Four timers help new, sleep deprived parents remember and communicate the basics of baby-care
  • Each timer can also give a reminder at certain intervals, if desired
  • Some other feature includes:
    • Back clip
    • Nursing reminder switch
    • Illuminated display
    • Clock
    • Soft nightlight for changing diapers in the dark
  • Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 2.5 inches

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