Manage a Registry

  • Update my registry details

      Step 1

      Login to my account and click on MY REGISTRY HOME

      Step 2

      Click on UPDATE

      Step 3

      Now you can update all your previous entry for your registry and click on CONTINUE



      If you want to remove your registry completely, you can simply click on delete button under REGISTRY HOME page.

  • How to add a product to my registry

      Step 1

      NOTE: In order to add product to baby registry, you need to create an account (click here to find out how to create an account) and has your registry function activated (click here to find out how to activate my registry).

      Login to your account first, go to the product details page click on add to my registry

      Step 2

      Review my baby registry list

      By changing the DESIRED qty number and click on UPDATE button will change your DESIRED qty for that item.

  • How to remove a product from my registry

      If you want to remove an item from your registry, you can simply click on REMOVE button, or change DESIRED qty to 0 and click on update.