Wean Green

Wean Green launched in 2009 because CEO & Founder, Melissa Gunning, was determined to find small enough tempered glass food containers to freeze, store, reheat and serve the organic food she was serving her baby and first grader. This is where Wean Green’s first container was born; The Wean Cube.

Wean Green’s eco-chic line of tempered glass food containers provides customers with colorful, environmentally conscious meals everywhere. The containers were all designed with style, convenience and travel ease in mind.

The years in between Wean Green’s launch and the present have been filled with an amazing support team! Now with a large team and great partnership with Accent-Fairchild Group, Wean Green is able to develop tempered glass food containers for weaners of all ages and appetites. Watch for new colors, sizes and even products coming soon!

Of course this Wean Team wouldn’t be complete without Chewy the Office Dog. This hard working dog can be found scaring away delivery drivers with his passive aggressive bark or doing yoga with the rest of the Wean Team on the lawn. He is a strong part of the Wean Green Support Team. When he isn’t working, he is chasing deer through the office yard and taste testing the garbage.