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Sudocrem Diaper Rash Cream 125g

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Sudocrem has been helping to soothe sore skin for almost 80 years. The market leader in the treatment of Diaper Rash, it is used by mums, dads and healthcare professionals everywhere.

Unlike some Diaper Rash products on the market, Sudocrem Diaper Rash cream is a licensed medicine, which means we have had to submit clinical data proving that Sudocrem is an effective and safe treatment.

Sudocrems clinically proven to soothe, heal and protect your babys delicate skin and works in three ways:
  • A water-repellent base forms a protective barrier, helping to stop any irritants (urine and faeces) coming into contact with the skin.
  • It both softens and soothes sore, inflamed skin.
  • It has a weak local anaesthetic to help ease pain and irritation.

So what gives Sudocrem its healing properties? Here is the science bit:

Sudocrem contains:
  • Hypoallergenic lanolin, to help soothe and soften irritated skin.
  • Zinc oxide which reduces the loss of tissue fluid.
  • Benzyl benzoate and benzyl cinnamate which are ingredients of Balsam of Peru, recognised for its healing properties.
  • Benzyl alcohol, a weak local anaesthetic which eases pain and also acts as a disinfectant/antibacterial agent.

As a protective antiseptic cream, Sudocrem is also helpful in the treatment of other skin conditions. You can buy Sudocrem from independent pharmacies, major pharmacy chains, supermarkets and selected childrens department stores.

Always read the label.

Sudocrem can be applied at every nappy change to help soothe your babys skin.
  • Step1:Start by putting a little on the tip of your finger - always remember a little Sudocrem goes a long, long way
  • Step2:Gently massage Sudocrem into the skin using light, circular movements (do not rub, especially if the skin looks sore)
  • Step3:When you are finished, there should be a thin translucent film left on the skin. If the area stays white, you have put too much on
  • Step4:Add more Sudocrem to the area as often as you need to

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Submited By: agnes lee on 07/20/2009

Sudocrem is a great product. It clears up diaper rash quickly and soothes baby\'-
;s bum while it\'s at it and makes baby more comfortabl-
e. The texture is not too thick - unlike penaten - which didn\'-
;t go on as smoothly nor work as well. We always have a tub of this stuff on hand and recommend to new parents.

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