Soft Grip Brush n Comb Set Blue IH327

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The Soft Grip Brush and Comb by Safety 1st are perfect for baby and toddler alike. As your baby grows into a curious toddler, you can help teach them with this set.

  • The comb's dual density teeth let you adjust for the thickness and dampness of your baby's hair
  • The two sets of teeth is meant for detangling hair whether it is thin, thick, wet, or dry
  • The hairbrush has soft bristles that are extra gentle on your baby's sensitive scalp
  • Chunky, easy-to-hold handles are designed to be comfortable for both you and your toddler to grip while brushing
  • Soft-grip handles are easy for parent or toddler to hold
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Item #: 10063444
BrandSafety 1st
UPC: 0884392597566
MPN: BAIH3270300

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  • 6.00 x 4.00 x 2.00 inch

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Soft Grip Brush n Comb Set Blue IH327