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Right Height Bath Center 8974

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The Right Height Bath Center by Summer Infant is an innovative and unique approach to infant bathing. The four-stage growth plan makes bath time more comfortable for babies and their parents. The first stage features a cushioned newborn bath support to keep your little one comfortable at all times. Stage two is the addition of a raised infant tub, which lifts the baby closer to you - making bath time easier on your back. The third stage is a large toddler tub with kneeler that makes bathing older children easier. Finally, the fourth and final stage is a step stool that is meant for extended use and can hold up to 250 pounds


  • Stage 1: cushioned newborn bath support keeps baby comfortable during bath time
  • Stage 2: raised infant tub lifts infant closer to you - easier on parents' backs
  • Stage 3: large toddler tub with kneeler makes bathing older children easier
  • Stage 4: extended use step stool - holds up to 250 pounds
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Item #: 10040885
BrandSummer Infant
UPC: 012914089743
MPN: BA8974B

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  • 28.00 x 18.00 x 10.00 inch

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