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Prince Lionheart Travel Wipes Warmer Pink G9208

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  • Brand: Prince Lionheart
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  • Barcode: 049345001204
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  • MPN: DG9208

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Prince Lionheart Travel Wipes Warmer Pink

A multitasking wipes warmer for babies on the go.

Prince Lionheart's Travel Wipes Warmer is small enough for a diaper bag but can hold enough wipes for plenty of diaper changes. This handy system keeps wipes warm and fresh at home and away. The two electrical adapters included can be used either at home or in the car. 8.5 in. x 5.6 in. x 1.9 in. 2 lbs.


  • Large capacity holds 30 wipes
  • Molded with an EPA approved anti-microbial additive to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms
  • Keeps wipes warm, moist and fresh after the warmer is unplugged
  • Perfect fit for diaper bag

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Estimated Package Dimensions

  • 9.00 x 6.00 x 2.00 inch

Estimated Package Weight

  • 2.00 lbs

Product Reviews

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Submited By: Melissa Joyce Ortanez on 03/16/2011

Loved this product n because it was my first baby girl(I have one of each now, boy,girl and a dog), I had to buy the pink. I like that Lionheart had that color option. This is great because what baby wants their bottom wiped with a cold wipe anyway? And it also comes with a car adaptor n wall adaptor for home. The only thing I wish they thought of is to have it battery operated because once you unplug from your car and visit someone�-
39;s house or go to the park or mall, the wipes are back to being called and I don't want to keep plugging it in just for that, afcourse. Other than that it's good for long drives and pit stop-dirty-
-diaper changes.r />
Other than that, I'm sure even if my daughter can't talk yet, she appreciate-
s mommy wiping her with a warm wipe rather than the shock of a cold wipe in the middle of night for night time changing.

This is also great because it keeps the bacteria from building or wipes changing color because they are always moist. It also stores a sufficient amount that if you are away from home, you won't feel like you are running out. I also like the fact that it lights up so I can see it even in the dark when I quickly want to grab one and a diaper and change my lil' princess.<-
br />
#039;s momma

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