Prenatal Ease was launched by a husband and wife duo on a mission to provide carefully formulated health products and high-quality, plant-based skin care for new moms. They discovered a gap in the market for optimally formulated prenatal health products while on their own personal journey of starting a family, as well as working with other moms in a similar predicament. The founders Yan and Michael decided to leave their full-time jobs to begin the research and development for Prenatal Ease.

Our Commitmment

We leverage our understanding of traditional medicines, and integrate that into our western medicine expertise. Continuous evaluation on therapeutic properties of herbal medicines is part of our research process. We only use herbs which are scientifically endorsed in our products.

We use high quality natural ingredients. Prior to production, all ingredients are inspected to ensure they reach our standards. After production, we use third party lab testing for quality control. No products are shipped out unless they meet our strict specifications.

We respect the environment, and use ingredients which are sustainably sourced.

Our supplements are manufactured in Canada, following Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) to ensure superior quality and is fully licensed by Canada’s Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD). Our skincare products are manufactured in small batches to ensure that you will receive a fresh product. We inspect each batch prior to shipping, analyze the texture and consistency, and check for contaminants.