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Lilypadz Reusable Nursing Pad

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Put that nursing bra away . . . You can wear LilyPadz without it! LilyPadz are virtually invisible under your clothing and because they have no absorbent component there is nothing else to buy! LilyPadz are a revolutionary alternative to traditional nursing pads that actually prevent breast milk from leaking. These soft, flexible, non-absorbent, self-adhesive silicone pads provide unparallel leakage protection for breastfeeding moms. These ultra thin pads conform to your breast for a secure fit that helps to prevent break milk leaks and best of all they are invisible under your clothing!

LilyPadz are made from skin safe silicone rubber and are very easy to use. Simply place the LilyPadz over your nipple (tacky side against your nipple). Gently press the center of the LilyPadz with your finger against your nipple and smooth out the rest of the LilyPadz against your breast. Lift off when you are ready to nurse and re-apply when you are finished

How do you use LilyPadz?
It's easy. Simply place the LilyPadz over your nipple with the tacky side toward your skin. Press the center of the LilyPadz onto the nipple and smooth out over your breast. Just lift off the LilyPadz to nurse your baby and then re-apply after feeding. Don't worry, the mild-adhesive lining is gentle on your skin.

* Some women may experience mild irritation when using LilyPadz for the first time. This should disappear after repeated use.


  • Breathable
  • Latex-Free
  • Ultra Thin
  • Non-Absorbent
  • Non-Collecting
  • Adhesive-Free
  • Economical
  • Dermatologically Tested

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  • Available for gift wrap

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Submited By: Annie Vallance on 07/31/2009

Yes, they cost $30. However, they last forever and are leak proof. I wish I had spent the money from the start...I would have saved money on the disposable pads that show through all my shirts. I love my Lily-Padz and plan on giving them as gifts to all my pregnant friends!

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