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guzzie and Guss G+G106 Sandpiper Umbrella Stroller Light Blue

guzzie and Guss G+G106 Sandpiper Umbrella Stroller Light Blue

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Guzzie and Guss Sandpiper Umbrella Stroller Citrus Green

Birds of a feather flock together, in North America, the Sandpiper can be found on most coasts along the Pacific Ocean. With its long slender beak, it can unearth small morsels to eat from the surface. Normally seen running along the surface scouring for its next meal. Summertime fun, warm weather, cools drinks and long nights out with the whole family. Trips to the amusement park, family outings to the beach and long car rides. All of these are staples of North American summer time pastimes. The guzzie+Guss G+G106 Sandpiper lightweight umbrella stroller is the perfect getaway stroller. Because of Aluminum framing, the Sandpiper stroller weighs in at roughly 10 lbs. Designed with an easy recline, and footrest adjustment, too allow your little one an easy way to get cozy.

We dubbed this stroller the Sandpiper because it was designed from ground up to be affordable, lightweight and functional. Hence the slim Billed Sandpiper


  • Compact no-pinch folding mechanism
  • Full Canopy
  • Lightweight aluminium frame with carry handle
  • Auto Fold Lock
  • Lockable front wheels
  • Easy to use footrest adjustment
  • Easy to recline
  • Built in back supports
  • Large storage basket

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Submited By: Mel Adams on 08/21/2016

I absolutely love this stroller! It's so light and easy to fold/carry I can even do it one handed. Rides smoothly and is so comfy. I really recommend it for a travel stroller that I use in town all the time :)

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