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Genuine Infant Care Lambskin

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Genuine Canadian Infant care Lambskins are an intelligent way of giving baby a safe, comfortable and intimate environment in which to relax happily. The lambskins quickly becomes familiar and reassuring to baby, who finds it ideal for resting, playing or sleeping on. Tests have shown that babies gain much comfort from the skins, which are soft, air-permeable, and water absorbent. The lambskins may be taken wherever baby goes to provide a feeling of security in unfamiliar surroundings. Canadian infant care lambskins are not just any lambskins but are selected from lambskins with a special fleece fiber and being entirely natural, contain inbuilt characteristics which are very desirable for baby's safety and comfort. wool and leather are natural materials entirely compatible with baby's soft skin. wool fibers are naturally soft, springy and resilient, cool in summer and warm in winter


  • Product Dimensions: 35" x 15"

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  • 10.00 x 10.00 x 2.00 inch

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  • 1.00 lbs

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Submited By: Antonia Wilson on 10/27/2015

Way smaller than it looks- so narrow that a baby barely fits on it! I feel bad that a friend of mine spent so much on something so useless.

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