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Dr Browns 60 CC Accu-Feed Bottle System with Ultra Preemie Nipple SB266MED

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The design of this patented feeding system incorporates the benefits of a vacuum-free, controlled-flow bottle system featuring the highly recognized, reliable and consistent Dr. Brown's nipples. The new bottle system has easily identifiable graduated markings from 5 cc to 60 cc providing the most accurate fluid volumes. Each Dr. Brown's Accu-Feed Bottle System allows a well-organized milk transfer during each feeding, providing successful, positive, safe and efficient feeding experiences.

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  • The Dr. Brown's Accu-Feed includes a 60 cc BPA-free plastic bottle vessel, internal vent system, and either an Ultra Preemie or Preemie Flow nipple.
  • The colored collar and cap allows for quick identification of the nipple level.
  • Any of the Dr. Brown's seven (7) supple silicone nipple levels (Ultra-Preemie, Preemie Flow, Level 1-4 and Y-cut) can be used with these bottle systems.
  • Dr. Brown's nipples are all Quality Controlled to assure the flow rates for each nipple are consistent and dependable.
  • The universal threading on each vessel is designed to fit all electric breast pump systems. By pumping directly into the bottle vessel, the need to transfer fluid into a secondary feeding vessel is eliminated reducing the risk of valuable fluid loss.
  • The full bottle system is dishwasher, microwave steam bag, and steam sterilization (autoclave) safe.
  • This system is designed to be reusable or disposable.

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