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BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original Dark Blue Cotton

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Small and easy to use
Newborns require a lot of physical closeness, both day and night. The Baby Carrier Original is the perfect choice. You can put on or take off your baby carrier yourself without assistance. This is particularly useful when you are putting your baby to bed. When your baby falls asleep in the carrier, just unfasten the side buckles to open up the front part of the carrier. There is no need to wake your baby.

Close to your heart since 1973
Our first baby carrier was developed back in 1973. It was designed to maximize the closeness between the child and the parent, right from birth. The Baby Carrier Original is based on the treasured classic from 1973 and over the years it has enabled millions of children and parents to enjoy that all-important closeness every single day.

Perfect for newborns
Upright position:The Baby Carrier Original can be used right from day one and it is anatomically designed to carry your growing child. The upright position keeps airways free and allows you to supervise your childs breathing.

Free arms and legs:Legs and arms can move freely in the Baby Carrier Original, allowing your child to develop muscles, motor skills and balance.

All-important head support
Imagine if your head weighed a third of your entire body weight! That is how it is for newborns. Newborn babies are not strong enough to hold their heads up without support for the first five months. Just like our other baby carriers, this baby carrier can be adjusted to provide your baby with the correct head and neck support.

The Baby Carrier Original provides you with all-important closeness and helps you to form a close bond with your newborn. You carry your baby high up on your chest and facing you, close to your heart. The warmth from your body and the familiar sound of your heart and your voice will make your baby feel calm and secure, while you learn to interpret your babys needs.

Comfortable and secure in an instant
With the Baby Carrier Original, you only need to fasten a few buckles to carry your baby comfortably and securely. The color-coded buckles and safety click will ensure that you fasten the baby carrier correctly. The baby carrier can be easily adjusted for that perfect fit. Great when you and your partner want to share the load!

Outward-facing option
We recommend you to carry your child facing you for the first five months. Once your childs neck, back and hips are strong enough, you can start carrying your child facing both inwards and outwards. Most babies delight in discovering the world while safely resting against your chest.

Developed with pediatricians
This product was developed in close collaboration with pediatricians. We work with leading pediatricians, midwives and child psychologists. Their medical expertise is extremely important to us and they provide us with invaluable input when we develop new products. We never launch a product without their approval.

Safe and tested textiles
All fabrics used in this product are gentle against your babys skin and safe to chew or suck on. They have been tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I. This means that the textiles are free from health-hazardous substances and allergens.

  • From birth: Min. 8 lb/21 in (3.5 kg/53 cm); Max. 25 lb/11 kg
  • Minimum age outward-facing: 5 months
  • Maximum weight outward-facing: 25 lb/11 kg
  • For children between 8-10 lb/3.5-4.5 kg, use the leg straps to tighten the leg openings.
  • All fabrics are kind to your babys skin and safe to taste. Free from health hazardous substances and certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class I for baby products. That is important to us!
  • Cotton
    • Fabric: 100% cotton
    • Padding: 100% polyester
  • Mesh
    • Fabric: 100% polyester
  • US/Canada: The Baby Carrier Original meets the US safety standard ASTM F2236 and CPSIA 2008, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.
  • Worldwide: The Baby Carrier Original meets the safety standard EN13209-2:2005.
Product care
  • Machine wash, warm (40C). Wash separately with a gentle, bleach-free detergent. Do not tumble dry.
  • Mesh: If you have a baby carrier in mesh fabric, do not iron it! A mesh baby carrier dries very rapidly thanks to the lightweight airy fabric.

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  • 13.00 x 12.00 x 4.00 inch

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  • 0.50 lbs

Product Reviews

Current Reviews: 4

Submited By: jen bowden on 12/20/2009

My baby liked this carrier but I didn'-
t so we had to find something we could both agree on! She likes looking out and it is great for that. It's also easy to use and safe - you can get little him/her in it easily without any help which is more than I can say for some of the other carriers. My problem with the Bjorn was that the shoulder straps are too narrow for me to wear comfortabl-
y. There was way too much localized pressure near my neck and I found I'd get headaches after each wear. Yes, I tried playing with it but couldn-
9;t spread the weight out or make it sit more towards my shoulders. Like I said, the baby really seemed to like it so if it works for your body I would recommend it.

Submited By: Andrea Patterson on 11/06/2009

Used this from week 1...kept our colicy baby quite happy as he was always in the upright position, and warm & with one of us at all times..! Very supportive for the baby at all stages, easy to use, and easy to wash. Once our little one reached about 15 pounds however, this model was not so friendly on the back. We didn'-
t use it for long periods of time after that. However, I believe other models with back support are available. For the early stages though, this is an excellent user friendly choice.

Submited By: Sabrina Ratzlaff on 09/12/2009

The Baby Bjorn is a great one to use from the newborn stage as their head is supported well in comparison to my Ergo. I used the Bjorn most up to the point where my baby could hold his head up on his own, but then switched to the Ergo after that, simply because the one thing lacking with this carrier is low back support. I find with the Bjorn it forces you to put your weight into your lower back and does get quite uncomforta-
ble after longer walks lacking that lumbar support. It's easy to put on and take off and baby seems to like it as well. Great for doing housework if you have a baby that likes to be near you.