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Bumbo Seat Tray White



Product #: 10017499
Brand: Bumbo
UPC: 832223000488

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by Liz Monaghan

Date Added: 11/02/2009
Well this looks like a new version of the old tray. I'd love to try this one, but the baby is too old for the Bumbo now. I will definately try it with the next baby. I hope this tray stays on better than the old version as the old one was always popping off. This one also looks like the middle piece that goes between the legs won't be as likely to pinch baby's legs as the old one did. Here's hoping this ones stays put!

by Crystal Banks

Date Added: 08/03/2009
I have this tray and the original Bumbo tray (it was a clear plastic) The one Leanne speaks of in the previous review I am sure is the older one. I had it and it did not stay on the Bumbo chair at all. It was great for toys but would come off very easily. That is why I bought this one. It is much sturdier, and a way better design. You could actually use this one for food. The tray is almost a necessity if you have a Bumbo because if your child is playing with toys they most often drop them and cannot reach out of their Bumbo to pick them up, but with the tray they can keep all of their toys on the tray. Definitely worth the money.

by Leanne Mac

Date Added: 07/29/2009
This one looks slightly different then the one I had which is good because I did not like the tray. I caution you but am hopefull they have redesigned it so it actually will stay on the Bumbo.