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Belly Bandit Organic Pink FINAL SALE CLEARANCE

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"Pregnant in Heels" parenting guru, Rosie Pope and Belly Bandit have collaborated to support moms before, during and after delivery.

I am not a gimmicky person there are so many gimmicks out there that do not work. But, Heidi Klum recommended the Belly Bandit to me, and it really works. - Rosie Pope

Belly Bandit is excited to introduce our newest, greenest and greatest style, The Organic by Rosie Pope. New moms everywhere have come to rely on this popular one-of-a-kind postpartum wrap to provide incredible support and benefits. As always our propriety Stretch and Compress fabrics deliver only the best in class results! Pssst...Our Belly Shield works great with the Belly Bandit!

How often should you wear it?

The Belly Bandit should be worn all day every day, only taking it off to shower. Please feel free to sleep in the product as well. Remember, the longer you wear the quicker the results. A job worth doing is worth doing well!

We are proud to donate a portion of all Organic sales to the SHADES OF PINK organization.

The mission of the Shades of Pink Foundation is to provide temporary financial assistance to women who are experiencing financial distress as a result of a breast cancer diagnosis. Because of the illness most women will have to stop working for an unspecified amount of time. This financial burden not only affects their day to day life, but it adds stress to an already trying time. Loss of income can affect everything in their world from insurance payments, food, transportation, childcare, wigs and other essentials of daily life. Shades of Pink Foundation offer temporary financial assistance during their time in need. Belly Bandit is proud to partner with Shades of Pink foundation and make a difference where we can.

  • If you are purchasing a Belly Bandit early on in your pregnancy, your best bet is to go up 1 to 2 band sizes from your pre-pregnancy waist size.
  • In the eighth month many women will be the same size as they will be post delivery. Simply measure the circumference of your waist starting at your belly button. Choose the corresponding band for your size.
  • Just prior to delivery simply subtract 3 to 5 inches from your waist measurement. Select the corresponding band for that size.
  • If you purchase your Belly Bandit after you give birth, simply choose the corresponding band for your waist size.
  • If you measure between band sizes, it is recommended that you purchase the smaller size. The Belly Bandit is designed with adjustability to stay tight as you shrink.
  • Charity Inspired
  • Utilizes Organic Cotton
  • Helps Lose Inches Faster
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Accelerates Healing
  • Look Slimmer Instantly
  • Helps Minimize Stretch Marks
  • Provides Comfort after C-Section
  • Supports Back, Leg and Core Muscles
  • Adds Support while Breastfeeding
  • Our exclusive Power Compress Core is your secret weapon
Size Chart/Fits Belly Size
  • X-Small: 28-32 inches / 71-83 cm
  • Small: 33-37 inches / 84-95 cm
  • Medium: 38-43 inches / 96-111 cm
  • Large: 44-49 inches / 112-126 cm
  • X-Large: 50-57 inches / 127-145 cm
UPC Code
  • X-Small: 816271010439
  • Small: 816271010446
  • Medium: 816271010453
  • Large: 816271010460

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