Agoo Tushie Huggers Daisy Drop - FINAL SALE

Tushie Huggers is the evolution of the Leg Hugger, we at Agoo call them Skeggings. Agoo have taken the beautiful patterns and designer look of our leggings and attached a chic skirt for baby girls and striking shorts for baby boys, to make a perfect 2-in-1 ensemble. The fashionable leggings protect and cover the legs, while the complementing overgarment make a perfect out no one would assume was connected. We made Tushie Huggers easy and comfortable, trendy and new so wearing them would be fun.


  • Machine washable

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Agoo Size Chart
  0-12 months 12-24 months 24-36 months
Waist 8 inch 10 inch 15 inch
Hip 9 inch 10.5 inch 18 inch
Length 9.5 inch 11.5 inch 19.5 inch

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