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  • Munchkin Adjustable Backseat Mirror A20046

      Munchkin Adjustable Backseat Mirror A20046

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    • 品牌: Munchkin
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    • UPC: 735282200465


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    价格: $29.95

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    Munchkin's Adjustable Backsest Mirror makes it easy to view your rear-facing baby in your rear-view mirror. So you can safely keep an eye on your baby and the road. The fabric padded mirror pivots to any position and gives your baby something beautiful to look at while riding in the car.

    • Adjustable straps attatche to most back seat headrests
    • Back pad conforms to various headrest shapes
    • Product is 3" x 9.2" x 12.5" and 1.2 lbs



    • 3.00 x 10.00 x 13.00 英寸
    • 1.20 英镑
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